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About the President and Founder

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January 2014, Jackie Vernon-Thompson, Founder and CEO of From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette, was inspired to create a school that teaches girls to perform at their optimum. In our fast-paced society, there is a definite need for this service.

Jackie has earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business focusing on communications. She is also a two time Certified Etiquette Consultant for the international community. Jackie has worked with girls in the urban and suburban communities for many years and is blessed with the ability to meet each girl where she is in order to be effective.

For several years, she has been afforded the opportunity to conduct etiquette skills and self-enhancement workshops for a girl’s group called the Pearlettes, which has given her helpful hands-on experience. It has been an honor and a blessing to serve in that capacity.

Jackie also believes that it is equally important to teach young men and adults who are seeking to be more refined. Therefore, she conducts etiquette workshops for young men and adults as well.

From the Inside-Out School of Etiquette works with each person internally, with their attitude, what they think of themselves, the standards they have set for themselves and any self-inflicting faults created. Once those concerns and others are addressed, there is a strong possibility that they will be a changed individual, for the better, from the inside out.

Clearly, her passion and expertise can be of benefit to everyone regardless of gender and age. The youngest she serves is age 6 and the oldest is 99.

Jackie also believes in philanthropy and has, in many cases, shared her gift of teaching etiquette and self-enhancement skills at various venues. It is her prayer that every lesson taught will resonate with each person for life.

Jackie is eager and enthused to help you and/or your child perform superbly.

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